website design & development

We use only graphics created especially for your Web Site to give your Company’s Site that special look and feel. 

We recommend your Web Site should consist of the following : – Main Pages & Site Map . – Text & Images . – Navigation buttons . – Hyperlinks . – Feedback form . – Domain Name ( . Free submission to the major search engines . 

Redesign: Do you feel your current Web Site isn’t meeting your expectations and goals? We can recreate an effective Web Site or makeover your current Web Site to meet your Internet presence goals. 

E-Commerce & Business To Business: ” B2B” Pretty soon most Business will be E-BUSINESS to some extent , Business to Business (B2B) & E-Commerce makes purchasing and selling much easier over the net for small, midsize & big corporations Now Customers are sure that E-Commerce & B2B have a bright future also they are getting to believe that it is safe for them . One of the main aspects of E-Commerce & B2B is the respective Web Site, there for we invite you to build your E-Commerce Site with Our Company Web & Art . 

We are professional enough to build it for you according your requirements , which we believe it will be among the following : Company’s Particulars – Company’s products archive ” Hard goods and/or Soft goods ” – Electronic Catalogue – Offer : ” Quantity , Commodity , Quality & Specifications , Packing , Marking , Shipment , Bank Guarantee ( If needed), Payment , Documentary Requirement , Insurance …etc. – Offer Validity for confirmation & effecting payment within – Accepted method of payment – Customer services – Promotion – Updating – Etc… 

Database: A Database is collection of records sorted in specific order Visitor of your site will view just the information they are looking for according to their search criteria . We can create any database or special programming your special project may require.